Stop the Violence BC - Cannabis and Prohibition

In British Columbia, the marijuana market is estimated to be worth up to 7 billion dollars; double the total revenue of BC’s agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors combined. 

These massive illegal revenues fuel crime, violence and corruption across the province, and help fund criminal activities like importing cocaine and guns. 

While marijuana use is not free from harms, health experts have concluded that alcohol and tobacco are much more dangerous. In fact, experts believe that a regulated legal market for adult marijuana use is the best way to protect public health and improve public safety.

The strict regulation of marijuana has the potential to eliminate the violent illegal marijuana market, and to raise untold tax revenue, while at the same time ending wasteful marijuana law enforcement spending that only drains tax dollars. 

Most importantly, BC is ready for this. A recent poll concluded that 69% of British Columbians state that arresting marijuana producers and sellers is ineffective, and that BC would be better off taxing and regulating the use of marijuana. 

Marijuana prohibition has failed. It’s time to stop the violence.